Tips For Installing Internet In A Very Large Home


Will you soon be moving into a large home, and have questions about how you are going to install your home Internet service? If so, it helps to know the problems you'll run into and their potential solutions.

The Problem

One of the issues with owning a large home is going to be how to get Internet in every room of the house. There are several problems that can make this difficult when compared to living in a smaller home that you may not have thought of. 

Your wireless router that you once had may not get the job done anymore. If you live in a very wide home, you may find that the old wireless router is not going to reach each end of the home like it once did. This can cause problems where there is a lack of signal or very slow wireless speeds depending on where you are located. 

There may also be construction material in the home that makes it difficult for the wireless signal to pass through. For example, brick or concrete is going to be harder for that signal to reach the end-user, so solid construction between rooms or floors can be problematic.

The Solution

You should plan to have a wired connection to the Internet in several rooms that will need it. For example, it will help to run ethernet cables to a den where you know a desktop computer will be located. This will help ensure that you have the fastest speeds possible when connected to the Internet. Wireless internet services are a different problem, though, and require a modern solution. 

You can extend your network by placing routers throughout your home. Each router will require a wired connection to broadcast the Internet signal, so you'll still need ethernet wires run through the home. Just make sure to set up the network properly so that you do not need to manually switch wireless networks depending on which room of the home you are in. You will want each device to connect to the strongest network possible at the time. 

However, you can also upgrade to a mesh Wi-Fi network. This uses a series of wireless beacons that relay the Internet signal to each other, and they only require that they are plugged into a power source. Each beacon needs to be placed within a certain distance from each other to work, but it can be an easy solution to get wireless internet throughout your entire home. 


3 February 2020

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