Tips For Selecting An Internet Package


Are you looking for an Internet service provider for your home, but not sure which package is going to be best for you? It will help to consider the following things so you make a good decision.

Download Speeds

The biggest question you'll have is how fast your download speeds are, since that is the greatest factor that determines which package you go with. Faster speeds are going to result in faster downloads, but do you really need all that speed? Unless you are constantly downloading very large files, you may not notice the difference between different download speeds.

Your home's streaming video is going to determine how fast of an Internet connection you need, so think about how many people will be simultaneously streaming video at the same time and at what quality they will be doing it. A 4K Ultra HD video stream will require 25 Mbps for each TV streaming video. If you have three TVs in your home potentially streaming 4K Ultra HD content at the same time, then you would need a 75 Mbps connection to handle it all. Without those speeds, you may run into issues with picture quality being downgraded or buffering. 

Upload Speeds

Your upload speeds are not something that will impact you on a daily basis, and most packages have the same upload speed caps. You may not even have many options when it comes to upload speeds, leaving you without much to think about. However, if you do have the option, consider your upload use and if you need faster speeds. If you are transferring large files over the Internet for work, you may need a faster connection just to make life easier for you.

Equipment Rental

It is common for Internet service providers to charge for the modem that you rent, so consider bringing your own equipment. Buying your own cable modem at $100 will easily pay for itself in a few months if you are paying anywhere between $10 and $15 to rent one from your Internet service provider. The good news is that it will work just as well as the modem you rent. The only times you would need to rent the modem is if you are bundling your Internet with a telephone service that requires a special modem from your provider.

Still have questions about what package you should select when having the Internet installed at your home? Reach out to your ISP prior to the internet installation for assistance. 


11 February 2020

Selecting The Right Internet Service Providers

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