The Benefits Of Switching To An Internet-Based Phone System During The Pandemic


The coronavirus pandemic is changing the way many companies do business. Whether you still have people in an office environment or have workers logging in remotely from home, chances are good that you might be doing more business over the phone these days instead of meeting face to face. This is, in other words, the perfect time to look into upgrading your business phone systems to better serve you during this new way of life. Here's how switching your company to an Internet-based phone system could better serve you and your customers.

VoIP Can Send a Call to Any Phone, Anywhere in the World

Internet-based phone systems, sometimes referred to as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), are the perfect solution for a period of time when many employees might not be sitting in their cubicles in some cramped building downtown. With an Internet-based phone system, you can quickly and easily transfer any incoming call right to a customer's computer in their home office or to their home or mobile handset.

From a customer's perspective though, nothing is going to change. They'll dial the same number they always do and they won't know the voice on the other end is now actually working from home in pajamas instead of sitting in an office or cubicle. This will allow your company to be as remote as you want or need to be until things return to normal.

It's All in the Cloud

When you go to a fully remote Internet-based phone system, all of your incoming and outgoing business calls are routed through the cloud, or servers that are controlled by your business phone company. There will be no bulky servers or other heavy equipment for you to have to deal with in an office basement somewhere. Being able to have your calls hosted in the cloud will free you from performing maintenance on your business lines or servers, as your phone provider will take care of everything for you. This is ideal in an environment where not many people are going to be in your office anyway. Any potential troubleshooting can be tackled by your phone service provider and not your own IT department.

Easy to Scale

With an Internet-based or cloud-based phone system, there's no limit to how many users or lines you can create. Whereas a traditional land-based business phone system might end up getting clogged with too many calls that could lead to a busy signal, a cloud-based system will allow you to offer features like call waiting and easy re-routing of calls within your virtual phone system. Your cloud-based phone system can scale easily with your business, which is important at a time when you are likely doing more business by phone than ever before


14 September 2020

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