How to Save Money on Your Cable TV


Do you enjoy your cable TV but not enjoy the price? Whether the cost of moving up to the next best package seems expensive or the cost of your current package has gone up over the years, it may be possible to save some money if you are willing to make a phone call or two. If you'd like to keep getting the best TV package possible but for the lowest price possible, here are some tips that might help.

Call and See If You Are Eligible for Another Short-Term Deal

Cable TV and Internet providers sometimes offer savings to new customers but then the offer expires after a length of time. If your bill has gone up recently, it may be because of an expired offer. But here's the thing with almost every TV provider: they'd much rather find a way to give you another discount than lose you as a customer. If your previous promotion expired, call and tell them you are shopping around for the best deal and ask if there is another promotion you qualify for. The worst they can say is no.

Determine If It's Cheaper to Bundle with Other Services

Most companies that provide cable TV access also provide other services like Internet access. Many of these companies will offer a better deal across the board if you bundle services together. If you are currently getting TV from one company but internet from another, see if you can move both services to the same company for a discount.

Don't Be Afraid to Call the Competition and Shop Around 

Even if you call your current TV provider to see what you can do to get a better deal, it still doesn't hurt to call around or check for other offers. There might be another TV provider in your area that is offering aggressive sales to entice people to switch. If you do find a better deal elsewhere, you can use this to your advantage with your current provider. If you say you found a better deal elsewhere, a customer retention expert might come on the line to offer you the best deal yet.

If you are unhappy with your current package or TV pricing, don't be afraid to contact local TV providers and learn about your options. Put in the work and you can likely lower your price or get a better package that will benefit you for years to come.


6 July 2021

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