Tips for Getting an Affordable Internet Package


Are you looking to sign up for Internet service at your home, but don't want to pay any more than you have to? Here are some tips that will help you save money on your monthly Internet service.

Consider Your Internet Speeds

The main factor that is going to determine your monthly cost for Internet is the speed package. However, many times all the info that you have to go off of is the name of the package. You'll want to dig into the details of the package and figure out how fast the speeds are. That's because you may be overpaying for speeds that are far greater than what you need.

Start by looking at your download speeds, because that is where you're likely to run into a bottleneck in your household. Download speeds are going to impact you the most when trying to download a large file or when streaming high-quality video to watch on a TV or computer. 

Most streaming services will recommend a connection of 25 Mbps to stream Ultra 4K quality video to your TV. However, keep in mind that this is the bandwidth that you need for each stream. If you have 4 people in your home that plan to stream Ultra 4K content at once then you will need a minimum connection of 100 Mbps. It will also help to have a higher speed cap than that to account for additional Internet usage in your home. 

Consider Your Equipment

A recurring cost that you'll have with your Internet service may be the equipment rental. If you are not providing your own equipment then you will pay a flat fee to rent it every single month for the duration that you have the service. You do have the option of bringing your own equipment in some situations though, which can reduce your monthly bill.

For example, if you just have Internet service, then you can bring your own modem instead of renting it. If you have voice and Internet service from the same company, you may be required to rent the modem to take advantage of the voice service. 

The biggest advantage of renting the modem is to avoid having to troubleshoot equipment problems on your own. If the modem isn't working, your ISP can diagnose the problem remotely and send you new equipment. If you own your own modem, then it is up to you to figure out what is wrong and purchase a new modem if necessary. 

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22 October 2021

Selecting The Right Internet Service Providers

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