5 Demands To Make On Your Internet Service Provider Today


Is poor internet performance hindering your business growth? Your business profitability is directly hinged on your internet connection since there is little a business can do today without the internet. You need a good connection for almost everything, from videoconferencing with potential clients to doing file backups. The internet service provider (ISP) is pivotal to internet performance, hence impacting your business. Today, an ISP must do more than provide an internet connection. So, what should you expect from a top-notch ISP today?

1. High Speed and Latest Technology

A top-notch internet service provider should have a high speed and the latest technology to ensure your business can run smoothly. In addition, you should expect high bandwidth download speed to upload and download files without any hiccups. 

At the minimum, today's internet provider should have 4G connectivity to support data-heavy applications like gaming and video streaming. Also, you need to use the latest technologies like cloud computing, video conferencing, and virtualization without any lag in your internet connection. 

2. Value Added Services      

You should have more than a simple internet connection today. You should also have value-added services that promote your business productivity. For example, the ability to have multiple IP addresses for your business is a huge plus for a business that needs separate networks. Another useful service is support for business phone systems to enable easier, more efficient, and more affordable communications.

3. Self-service Platform 

Your internet service provider should have a self-service platform for customers to manage the connection themselves. This means you can change your plan, add or remove services, and do other adjustments without calling customer service. At the minimum, the ISP should have a self-service web portal where you can:

  • Upgrade or downgrade your package 

  • Book a service 

  • Pay bills 

  • Raise and track your requests 

  • Track your data usage

4. Top-notch Cybersecurity 

A top-notch ISP has top-notch cybersecurity to protect your business from hackers and data leaks. You need an ISP to protect your data from security threats like malware, botnet attacks, and ransomware. 

Your ISP should guarantee iron-clad security for physical assets like routers and cables, network applications, and customer end applications. Robust cybersecurity is mandatory since you risk legal liabilities for breaches that lead to loss of customer data. 

5. Excellent Customer Support 

Any ISP that values professionalism must have excellent customer support whenever you need help with issues in your internet connection or other value-added services. You should get 24/7 service whenever you have an emergency that can't be resolved on the self-service portal. Good customer support is essential for maintaining high uptime that ensures few interruptions.

Your ISP is key to the performance of your business. Contact your internet service provider to get answers to any of these expectations.


11 March 2022

Selecting The Right Internet Service Providers

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